Alice Neve Fox

Aktuell ist nur ein englischer Pressetext verfügbar

Elena Alice Fossi, singer and composer on several releases of Kirlian Camera, Spectra*paris, Siderartica and Stalingrad, started working on her acoustic side for fun a few time ago with a help from friends Kyoo Nam Rossi (guitars, percussion) and Andrea Artusi (double bass, bass).

The project made its debut as headliner on the occasion of the “Benefit For Kids Festival”, a charity event to support children with disabilities. Audience’s welcome was so enthusiastic that Elena Alice decided to keep on working on the project, going to open the Kirlian Camera exclusive show in Dresden, Germany, 2012, as a very special guest, gaining even more success! Just in Dresden, Johannes Berthold joined the band on grand piano and the trio momentarily turned into a quartet.

Therefore, “Alice Neve Fox” became the effective name of a very unconventional band, led by such an unique singer/musician, who’s considered by several observers as one of the most innovative and talented artists on today’s music scene. And, after the acclaimed concert/event held by ANF (whose line-up included skilled english cello player Alessio Rubens Richard Tedeschi) at the Central Theatre in Leipzig, Germany, late May 2012, whereas an incredible standing ovation rewarded the band after the show in an overfilled and tickets-sold-out temple of music, the project’s fame started growing up more and more.

Alice Neve Fox’s music is currently based on reinventing songs taken from a varied and rich international repertoire, turning them into a very personal and visionary world, even giving room to that music herself composed and co-composed for above mentioned projects she comes from. Some unreleased songs are going to complete the picture of a band which could be seen as an excellence in the “noir” music field!

A mix of elegance, wild attitude, lost atmospheres, soulful climate, and even some TwinPeaks-ean decadent echoes… is going to meet the main thing for Elena: making music from the bottom of her heart!

An emotional and important reaction to total emptiness coming out from today’s decaying show-businness… signed by a pure-hearted rebel artist…