Our values

This set of values serves as a guideline for our behaviour towards each other and towards all participants. It is intended to ensure that the Amphi Festival creates a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment for everyone and is therefore a place of joy, cohesion and music. Should these values be violated, the Amphi Festival reserves the right to take appropriate measures.


  1. Acceptance and tolerance
    The Amphi Festival stands for an open and inclusive festival culture that welcomes people regardless of their sexual orientation, skin colour, origin, gender or diverse backgrounds. Every visitor and every band is respected and valued.
  2. Variety and diversity
    The Amphi Festival promotes a wide range of musical genres and artists that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. We believe that shared experiences of different people are enriching and build a strong community.
  3. Equality
    The Amphi Festival attaches great importance to the equal treatment of all visitors, bands and employees. Everyone has the right to develop and enjoy themselves free from discrimination and prejudice.
  4. Respect and appreciation
    Respect is the basis for harmonious coexistence. The Amphi Festival encourages its visitors and bands to show consideration for each other and to treat each other peacefully. It is important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable.
  5. Community and cohesion
    The Amphi Festival promotes cohesion and togetherness within the festival community. Everyone who visits or takes part in the festival is part of a big family that comes together to experience music and exchange ideas.
  6. zero tolerance of xenophobia, racism, right-wing extremism and violence
    The Amphi Festival condemns all forms of xenophobia, racism, right-wing extremism and violence. We are committed to ensuring that such behaviour has no place at the festival.