2008, 2009, 2011, 2016, 2023

Picture: Frank Machalowski

Covenant! The name stands for extraordinary commitment, class and a brotherhood stronger than blood. Covenant as a name with its biblical overtones may have been a bit ambitious for an aspiring teenage band from southern Sweden armed purely with rudimentary electronics, but in the end this combination proved to be exceedingly fitting. Whether life was mimicking art piece by piece here or art was mimicking life is debatable, either way the band’s moniker ended up perfectly encapsulating the vision, grandeur and brotherhood of the band itself.

“We live in a dark, confusing time, and Covenant have written an album about the feelings that come with it. In a world that no longer makes sense, we must learn to see in the dark, and “The Blinding Dark” is a hymn to the resilience of a strong soul. The music, dystopian and pitiless, reflects the shadows we all carry within us, while most of the time we are too cowardly to take a closer look at them. It seems turned inward, not explosive, driven by cold rage instead of passionate fire, as beautiful as a star that has set.”

Covenant’s latest studio album, “The Blinding Dark”, is not only exciting because of its title, but also marks a remarkable stylistic evolution that Covenant also purposefully set its sights on – and also grabs you because of the themes it deals with. The Swedish-German band has probably created their most artistically ambitious work to date.

Covenant are opening a new chapter in their band history, the band hasn’t sounded this dark, atmospheric and incisive since their legendary second album “Sequencer”. Still, there is nothing nostalgic about “The Blinding Dark.” It dives like a nautilus on an exploratory voyage in black waters – straight into the future without looking back.

Welcome to the void.

With their charismatic frontman Eskil Simonsson, Covenant made a name for themselves early on with their live shows, which the band has steadily built up to this day. Through the close relationship with the audience, the band has steadily gained new fans.

Their exceptional albums and their special live presence catapulted the band to the forefront internationally, even outside their Swedish homeland.