Terms and conditions

Extract from the terms and conditions of the Amphi Festival organiser.
  1. There will be a security check at the access points to the event area by the security service. Film- and audio-recording devices, all objects made of glass (except medication bottles), weapons of all sort, torches, fireworks as well as any other dangerous items are prohibited. In the event of finding these, the security service will confiscate them permanently. Persons that try to or manage to bring said items into the area can be banned from the event by the organiser.
  2. In the event of a criminal act committed by a visitor (e.g. violence, theft, drug dealing) or for other important reasons, the organiser has the right to ban this person from the area. In this case, the ticket / wristband is considered void. In this case, there will be no refunding, too. Please always follow the security guards’ instructions. Charges will be pressed against every act considered criminal.
  3. Displaying symbols of censored or illegal kind is prohibited. Violation of this will result in being banned immediately from the event without refunding of the ticket price.
  4. We state expressly that during concerts due to very high sound volumes, the possibility of harmful effects to the body exists. The event organiser is cannot be made responsible for damaged health of any kind.
  5. The minimum age for attending the Amphi Festival is 6 years.
  6. Buying admission tickets for resale is prohibited.
  7. Please keep the environment clean and do not litter. The proactive starting of open fires or fireplaces is prohibited.
  8. The visitor enters the event area at his/her own risk. The event organiser cannot be made responsible for injuries or damage to private possession. Every visitor is self-responsible for travelling to and from the event and parks his/her car at his/her own risk. The event organiser cannot be made responsible for damage to the car.
  9. In case of cancellation of the Amphi Festival, visitors shall be refunded the admission charge WITHOUT pre-order charge. All refunds shall be handled by the respective box-office where the ticket(s) were bought, against presenting/returning the ticket(s). Basically, the Amphi Festival takes place during all kinds of weather conditions! However, in case of life-, health- and security-threatening weather conditions for the audience, the artists or festival staff, the promoter reserves the right to discontinue the Amphi Festival instantly. In case of a weather-related discontinuation of the Amphi Festival, due to further causes of “force majeure”, authority order, or legal decision, the audience is not entitled to refunds of admission charges or other compensations unless the promoter could be charged guilty of performing an act of recklessness or willingly evoking the cause for the discontinuation.
  10. With the festival-ticket, the audience purchases the right to attend the Amphi Festival with its various live-concerts and supporting activities on the festival ground. The festival ground comprises the venues “Tanzbrunnen”, “Theater am Tanzbrunnen”, as well as the “Staatenhaus”. Due to the large number of acts within the programme, it is impossible to avoid alterations within the line-up and cancellation or withdrawal of single concerts, even of artists announced as headliners. In such a case the audience is not entitled to hold any claims towards the promoter. Delays or changes in the schedule (running order) for single parts of the programme, especially when occurring during the actual festival production, must be tolerated by the audience. Appearing programme changes will be communicated to the audience immediately. Depending on the time when a certain change requires being applied, the promoter reserves the right to either publish the alteration on his website www.amphi-festival.de or in shape of written displays and on-stage announcements during the festival itself.
  11. All valid admission tickets for the Amphi Festival (day or week admission tickets) will be exchanged on first admission to the are by a festival admission wristband. The admission tickets will be rendered invalid at that moment. The festival wristband will be attached to the wrist of its owner. During the festival (day or week), only the original and undamaged festival wristband provide access to the festival area!
  12. The visitor consents irrevocably to the free use of his portrait and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and/or recordings of images and/or sound recordings made by the promoter, its agents or other third parties in connection with the event, and their subsequent exploitation in all current and future media (such as in particular in the form of audio and video carriers as well as the digital distribution, for example, via the Internet).