In this Global Age of information and exploration, we find that people have more commonality than difference. Yet, the world has seemingly grown cold, and as a result we yearn for serenity as we search for that “je ne sais quoi” to lift the spirit and transcend the harsh realities of every day life. Some find it in solitude, while others find it in music.

Enter “Darkhaus”, an Intercontinental Synth-Rock outfit consisting of five men from four representative countries (Scotland, US, Germany, Austria). Possessing a unique sonic ability to break down genre based barriers (hence their blistering track “Break Down The Walls”), “Darkhaus” are a unifying musical force in a polarizing world.

Band maestro Rupert Keplinger, a multi-platinum songwriter / composer whom is well known for his collaborations with top selling german artists such as Peter Maffay, Eisbrecher, Stephan Weidner, etc… cordially explains: “We share a common artistic vision, and our creativity flows freely. In that regard, the oceans between us serve the band quite well”.

Listening to the “Darkhaus” debut gives you a rare moment of personal discovery in which you feel as though you are unearthing and experiencing something brand new yet timeless, and not just some fly-by-night hipster du jour. Their masterful blend of musical influences (ranging from 80’s Synth Pop to Modern Rock and Dance) speak loudly for the bands originality, modernity, and nostalgic familiarity.

“Darkhaus” co-creator, bassist, and main lyricist Gary Meskil (whom is also founder of legendary US hardcore band PRO-PAIN) adds: “Rupert and I took a no-borders approach to this band because we were in search of a worldly sound with worldly influences and universal appeal”. This was achieved in part via the addition of renowned German drummer Paul Keller, exuberant rhythm guitarist Marshall Stephens (also from PRO-PAIN), and their stylistically versatile world-class Scottish lead vocalist Kenny Hanlon.

As for content and or message, it can be best described as “dark and emotional”, but with much light to be found at the end of the proverbial tunnel. For example, in the uber-infectious “Our Time”, singer Kenny pleads: “This is our time, if not now, then when?” which speaks for those seeking positive change and to be free from the shackles which bind them.

Although the five architects and builders of “Darkhaus” are well decorated musicians individually, they combine their best efforts to present an ambitious and diverse plethora of songs which combine the urgency of true rock´n´roll, the epic moments which define great acts, and yes (guilty as charged) – those “catchy hooks and melodies” like those which have been delivered straight to your ears via radio stations around the world throughout modern time. For fans of emotionally inspiring songwriting (i.e. HIM, Depeche Mode, QOTSA, Rammstein, etc…) which has the power to move one’s body, mind, and soul……..”

Welcome to Darkhaus, they’ve been expecting you”.