Amphi Festival Premiere

Kælan Mikla

Kaelan Mikla - Candle_photo-by-Einar-Jarl-1536x1024

Kaelan Mikla - Candle_photo-by-Einar-Jarl-1536x1024

Kælan Mikla was founded in 2013 as an entry to a poetry competition. In the years that followed, they continued to develop and established themselves as an integral part of Reykjavik’s grassroots scene. In 2015, the song Kalt was released, which attracted a lot of attention abroad. Subsequently, the band began performing abroad with various well-known bands.

Robert Smith, the frontman of the immortal band The Cure, is a big fan and has booked Kælan Mikla for the festivals he has organised, where they have played alongside legendary bands such as Pixies, Slowdive and Deftones and even opened for the rock band Placebo.

After the release of their third album Nótt eftir nótt, they have gained a large audience among fans of dark music, but what really sets Kælan Mikla apart is their strong audiovisual adventure through their magical world, which is constantly evolving and always gives the audience an unforgettable concert experience.