L’Âme Immortelle

2008, 2016, 2019, 2023

L'Âme Immortelle

The light goes out. It becomes very quiet. You can feel your heartbeat – and also how it gradually speeds up when L’Âme Immortelle enter the stage.

Immediately the voices of Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas Rainer cast a spell over the audience. Romantic, beautiful, fragile, brute, desperate, even sometimes very close to madness – the broadest range of emotions is lived out by the band and transferred to the audience. Unbroken for more than 20 years, driven by artistic creativity and passionate joy of playing. With their unique style L’Âme Immortelle have paved the way for bands like Unheilig or ASP, were pioneers of the scene and remain unique and not imitable until today.

The focus is on the here and now, on conveying the music, on transporting feelings. What the visitor experiences at a L’Âme Immortelle concert is unfiltered and genuine. This intimate promise is also kept on the tour for the new album “In tiefem Fall”.