Merciful Nuns


Emerging from the ashes of the legendary Garden Of Delight – and here the similarity ends – Merciful Nuns have evolved from being at the forefront of the 21st century Goth resurgence into a genre of their own. No other band has covered so many facets of goth in such a short space of time.

Merciful Nuns have rediscovered what made early dark music vibrate in all its natural vigour, at a time when the blurred line between post-punk and goth rock still allowed for a healthy crossover. Merciful Nuns encourage us to search inwardly and outwardly for clues on which to base our own views on the age-old questions of humanity, either by taking us on wondrous exoplanetary arrivals through eerily serene soundscapes or on further odysseys through uncanny dimensions where mythology, remoteness and the occult meet, or by entrancing us with anthemic raptures of dark rock.