NNHMN is a Berlin-based dark electronic music duo, creating moody and provocative music infected with rich and electrifying synth lines, throbbing rhythmic grooves, and ghostly seductive vocals. Lee Margot and Michal Laudarg have embarked on a sonic journey onto the thresholds of New Brutalist Theatre and experimental electronic music with a foundation in techno culture.

NNHMN’s intoxicating sound is defined by analogue textures and arpeggiated bass lines, with a sense of sonic exploration that veers from post-punk to haunted synth-wave and dark-disco. Obsessive synth lines, sultry vocal deliveries, and danceable grooves guide the listener through a thrilling multi-dimensional universe with minimal synth qualities and gothic undertones. Techno is also present here, in their special universe.

This year already released numerous singles and a new album was announced. At this year’s AMPHI NNHMN will make their debut and inspire the audience with their sounds, because the band have prioritized a clearer, more graspable sound that has tangible substance and edge via its detuned lead and throbbing rhythms. This position focuses on a club-oriented darkwave and one with solid reach outside of that sound’s usual demographics to boot. Circle of Doom is shaping up to be the sort of breakthrough record which will be inescapable in all manner of dark clubs. Here electro rhythms and programming come hand in hand with the ghostlier side of NNHMN’s take on modern, electronic darkwave music.