OMNIA draws upon the traditional roots that have brought forth all music to bring an otherworldly and deeply moving performance to the stage that is unique in this age of bland pre-programmed commercialism. OMNIA’s nature-religious songs and fascinating stage act are a veritable feast for your eyes, ears and soul as interwoven voices and intricate melodies lead you through Pagan Heaven to Pagan Hell and back again… with a smile on your face.

Omnia Playing self-composed 3rd-millennium Folk and world-music with a sprinkling of traditional melodies and dance tunes from places like Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan, OMNIA’s music is 100% acoustic – no synthesizers, no electric instruments, no programming, just pure honest music.

Dressed in graceful black neo-Celtic clothing adorned with the bronze age holy symbols of our Celtic/Pagan heritage and surrounded by an amazing amount of hand made beautifully decorated traditional instruments OMNIA takes the audience along into a world of living nature, humour and earth magic.

OMNIA’s music is very hard to compare with any other band or genre. “Paganfolk” is the word which best describes this band of virtuose pagan anarchists.

OMNIA’s sound is an artful mix of the deep earthy tones of didgeridoo expert Luka Aubri-Krieger (East-Indies/Netherlands), the incomparable harp, hurdy-gurdy and bodhran playing of Jennifer Evans-van der Harten (Netherlands), the unmistakable “DADGAD” guitar-groove of Joe Hennon (Ireland/Belgium), the flutes, bouzouki, drums, and ironic dialogue of front man Steve “Sic” Evans-van der Harten (Cornwall/Netherlands) and the deep tribal drumbeats of Mich Rozek (Serbo-Croatia/Belgium).

All of this is entwined and bound by haunting and powerful vocals singing in English, Gaelic, Breton, Latin, Finnish, German and Hindi…

Since re-forming the band in 2002 OMNIA has become one of the pioneers of the “PaganFolk” movement and has harvested international acclaim on many Gothic, Pagan, Folk, Medieval and Fantasy festivals, as well as in many theaters throughout Europe.

OMNIA is a completely self-managed independent and free-spirited band which has survived and prospered in the harsh music business; writing their own material, recording, producing and printing cd’s and dvd’s on their own independant label “Pagan Scum Records”.

All their costumes and stage decoration, as well as many of their instruments, have been made or decorated by the bandmembers themselves. OMNIA is not just a band, it is a way of life. This becomes evident when you hear them play.