Ass-kicking beats. Thundering basslines. Screaming synths. No compromise. In 2009, PHOSGORE entered the stage with the debut album DOMINATION, which was a great success in clubs all over the world. Countless live shows later, PHOSGORE is still here. DOMINATION was just the beginning. This year, things are going to get tough. Really tough.

PHOSGORE was founded in 2008 by Flo D. After ten years working as an Electro/EBM/Industrial DJ, he decided to use his knowledge of the club scene to create music himself. Shortly after the first self-published promotional CD called ?Club Domination? was released, PHOSGORE was signed to the German label ProNoize. The bestial sound of PHOSGORE took the electro/industrial scene by storm.

To this day, PHOSGORE has achieved quite a comprehensive history of live shows, which include playing at many clubs and festivals all over Europe and even overseas. Where PHOSGORE performs, only ashes (and the occasional screaming fangirl) remain. Also, mastermind Flo D. has become a respected remix artist.

In 2010, Flo was joined by Sonja, making PHOSGORE a two people affair. What the project lacks in dark romantic song texts and multi-coloured-plastic-hair sporting singers, it makes up in pure, raw, relentless power. Industrial and Electro elements form some of the most brutal tracks of raw, relentless power. Industrial and Electro elements form some of the most brutal tracks of today?s dark music scene. PHOSGORE isn?t colourful or shiny – PHOSGORE is dark, dirty and severely fucked up. PHOSGORE is uncompromising music for an uncompromising audience.

Two years have passed since the alpha strike named DOMINATION was delivered. In Winter 2011, peace will be a thing of the past. Time for sonic warfare has come once again. PHOSGORE is preparing to drop a WARHEAD – and it will lay waste to the world of electronic music.

You have been warned.