She´s All That

She´s All That

Chubby beats and massive freaks. A trio in spaceship overalls and old-faced rubber masks bring you to dance and freak out completely. Uncomprising electronics fed in with tight drums, merciless guitars and a soft sound of the 80s.

She´s All That Complex, ultragroovy and with a gigantic value of recognition.Is taken care of by the versatile front Grandpa, who for his estimated age offers and plays a bizarre stage act and somehow also sounds quite feminine.

For several years this special troupe from Cologne has been on its run on several festival stages, clubs and has also spread its prominent fragrance into the British Radio. On March 12, 2010 She’s All That will present to the world their fabulous debut album titled „Extra Fruity Disgusting“.

In the eastern half of Germany MDR Sputnik listeners inhaled the sounds, thanks to the several months of rotation on the radio. The song „Jabtac“ also rotated for over a year on the English channel BBC Radio 1 and its video was shown for weeks on the German music TV channel iMusic1, several times a day.

At 2009 Rheinkultur Open Air, which is Europe’s biggest free open air festival, She’s All That inflicted tenacious bruises on 40,000 pogers. Twice they were celebrated headliners of the “Sputnik Turntable Days“ and special guest of the “SonneMondSterne“ electronic music festival.

In April 2010 She´s all that toured for five shows with with “Eisbrecher“ as special guest.

In the most renowned clubs of the country they’ve rocked holes in the dancefloors, an electronic provocation somewhere between the 80s retro and the dance core of the 21st century. Snarry machine tones, sequenzer bitching, cracking sounds from some universe and rock to the dust, all that is She’s All That.

Sanitary warning: Once you’ve got the taste and it won’t leave you.