2013, 2015, 2017, 2022

Picture: Tom Row

STAHLMANN had an impressive start of their still young career: after the release of their debut EP “Herzschlag”, the band around charismatic frontman Mart signed with AFM Records, to release their successful debut album “Stahlmann” in Autumn 2010. On tour STAHLMANN convinced as support for Eisbrecher.

With “Quecksilber”, the success story began to fully unfold just over a year later. STAHLMANN impressively managed to jump into the top 40 of the German Media Control Album Charts. Tours with Mono Inc. and Project Pitchfork cemented STAHLMANN as the coming new force of the genre.Tracks like to “Spring Nicht”, “Engel Der Dunkelheit” and “Tanzmaschine” became smash hits in the Gothic club scene.

Now Mart and his band return with their third album “Adamant”, which continues the success story of STAHLMANN. Beside their unique look, which quickly became a trademark, on “Adamant” STAHLMANN also present their best songwriting and arrangements so far. It’s not too different from their previous works, but it shows a matured band that is able to put together an album full of hits. Again producer Jose Alvarez Brill (a.o. Wolfsheim, Blutengel) as involved to secure the best result possible.

They represent a new generation of heavy German music and develop what began in the mid-90s with pioneers like THE KRUPPS or OOMPH and which perfected several years later of RAMMSTEIN. Founded in 2008, STAHLMANN mixes hard industrial sounds, driving metal rhythms and catchy melodies with a Gothic touch.

STAHLMANN instantly got attention with their first EP “Herzschlag”. The tracks of the EP became perennial favorites in the dark dance temples of the nation.

In fall 2010, the debut album “Stahlmann”, whose single “Hass Mich..Lieb Mich” now fully moved the band into the focus of attention. On tour with EISBRECHER, MONO INC. and PROJECT PITCHFORK, STAHLMANN over and over again proved their live qualities. Permanent activity made them play numerous big festivals and headlining tours (even in Russia).

Just a litte more than one year after the release of “Stahlmann”, the band returned with their sophomore album “Quecksilber”. The huge club success of the single “Tanzmaschine” exceeded expectations and shortly after, the “Quecksilber” album made it to the 40 of the official album charts in Germany!. No surprise, also the album’s second single “Spring Nicht” made it to the top 5 of the German club charts.

2013: STAHLMANN released their third album “Adamant” on April 19th.

Prepare for a piece of work full of passionate, longing, dark anthems.