Tyske Ludder

TYSKE LUDDER are an institution! Only a few bands from the Electro-90s have managed such a successful comeback, as TYSKE LUDDER in 2006. The band is very active, many live concerts (including the famous “Zuckergrufties” performance), 70,000 MySpace friends, 5000 Facebook “Likes” and a legendary # 4 Google Page Rank of TYSKE LUDDER’s website speak for themselves.

At the same time TYSKE LUDDER go about it in a provoking and honest manner in terms of music and content. In addition to the re-release of all their albums from the 90s, the band has set standards with the new works “Sojus”, “Scientific Technol ogy “,”Anonymous” and the brand new album “Diaspora” again declared a ne w standard in the Electro-sector …

Thus, the luddersche way of the musical design again defines a musical area that if not unique, is rare. TYSKE LUDDER live in a separate musical field, which marked out for himself musical field, which is surrounded by differently-minded musi cal dissident fragments. The notion of a little Gallic village inevitably comes to mind here. TYSKE LUDDER look back on a decade-long band career and it becomes clear that quality has nothing to do with mass conformity, because around this area should nevertheless be taken care of by the casting tape.

TYSKE LUDDER have always been going their own way and have clearly underlined this fact with their current album Diaspora.