Vanguard was formed in late 2008 when Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson made their first songs together.

After a period of creating demos a first album called “Sanctuary” was released in May 2012 on Conzoom Records. The first single, and also the bands first musicvideo was released in December 2012 for the song “Goodbye”. The band went on to release their second album Retribution in February 2014, this time the singles “On my own”, “Let us fall” and “A brighter day” .

In November 2015 Vanguard returned with a new single, “I want to live” from their third album with the title “Never surrender”. The album was released the 27th of May 2016 and in January 2017 the band released a a second remix-single from this album and a music video for the song A different story.

In the spring 2019 the Swedish electronic duo Vanguard is back with their much anticipated new album “Manifest” and a first single from the album called “Save me”. The new album takes over where the previous album ended and contains hard dark beats as well as synthpop-oriented melodic songs. All together the songs make up a perfect mix between danceable beats and powerful ballads. The swedes never compromise in maintaining their trademarks and they develop their own sound even further on “Manifest”.

In April 2021 “Ragnarök” was released as a first single from the 5th album SPECTRUM that was later released in July 2022.