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Welle: Erdball has meanwhile evolved from an insider’s tip to a cult formation, beaming their masterpiece onto the airwaves with the program “Filmmaking, Radio & Television”… and that on all frequencies.
Because Welle: Erdball has not forgotten anything and has acquired many new facets.

With the charm of a debut album and on the foundation of 30 (!!!) years of experience, here is a working time machine that beats the listener, with analog synthesizers, Commodore C=64 and hard NewWave EBM beats on the dance floor.

“I don’t really want anything else for the last 40 years than to feel again the pressure of a “Passion” (Flirts), the floating Solina strings of “Shoot Your Shot” (Devine) and the balling bass sequences of “From here to Eternity” (Giorgio Moroder). And if nobody else does it, we’ll just do it ourselves!”- Honey / welle:erdball

The name says it all: The power of the media. And it is close to all-encompassing with a theme that doesn’t stop at pandemic, gender and worldwide, thermonuclear war and is reflected in German lyrics, but also in songs in English, Russian and even Swedish. With such a scope, the attention is also on some cover versions, because when David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” with female two voices to 6 voices of the Commodore C=64 sound from the sound radiators, you feel in stereo in the right position when great things happen.