2007, 2008, 2014

Picture: Tom Lund

Sex Drugs and Technology. The new flavor of 2000 was undoubtly the Norwegian electronic rock band, ZEROMANCER.

They were rewarded best newcomer in Germany at the GAMA awards the same year and received unanimous acclaim for their debut album, “Clone your lover”. Stand out tracks: Clone your lover, Something for the pain, Opelwerk.

Their follow up album, “Eurotrash” was another eyeopener, and included several hit singles. The album was if possible even better welcomed by the press and by now the fast growing fan base. Their reputation as a very special live act with their intense presence and their possesive energy, grew fast and they soon headlined their own European tours. Stand out tracks: Dr. Online, Need you like a drug, Send me an angel.

Zeromancer then invaded the US. And got a stronghold with their third album ZZYZX (Zeyesix). The title inspired by a mysterious place out in the Californian desert named the last place on earth, they built a large fanbase in the alternative dark scene in America and toured the country coast to coast.
Then sealed it off with their biggest European tour to date and decided to leave the spotlight for a while. Standout tracks: Famous last words, Stop the noise, Teenage recoil.

Since then Alex Møklebust, Noralf Ronthi and Kim Ljung has reunited their former band, Seigmen. Known as the biggest alternative rock act throughout the previous decade in Norway.

The reunion was an enourmous success that resulted in a double DVD and a live album. Zeromancer’s songwriter, Kim Ljung also released two albums under the name, Ljungblut in 2005 and in 2007.

The depth, the drive and the intensity of it all tells you they are still the band to beat in this genre.