In the case of security relevant problems or violence please contact the security personnel. Please always follow the instructions of the security guards!

Disallowed an allowed items

This is NOT allowed

  • Flyer, poster and further advertising material
  • Weapons, fake weapons, steampunk weapons, irritant gas
  • Rivet choker with very long, not rounded cone ends (killer rivets)
  • Anticonstitutional symbols (badges, patches, etc.)
  • Flags / banner
  • Folding chairs, camp stools
  • Canes with big/heavy knobs and/or cone ends
  • Audio recorders, video cameras
  • Laptops, iPads, selfie sticks
  • Aerosols with propellant gas (e. g. hairspray, deodorant spray)
  • Food and beverages that weren’t bought at Tanzbrunnen’s festival ground / at the theater
  • Glass, glass bottles, PET plastic bottles and Tetra paks bigger than 0,5 liter
  • Drugs
  • Animals
  • Children younger than 6 years

This is allowed

  • All kinds of photo cameras (also professional equipment, also interchangeable lenses)
  • Drinking-horns, Amphi field flask (aluminium)
  • Small foldable umbrellas without cone ends
  • Canes without big/heavy knobs and/or cone ends, walking-stick umbrellas (inflexible)
  • Pump-action sprays (e. g. disinfectant spray, atomizer)
  • Powerbanks
  • empty plastic bottles (no PET) and Tetra paks up to 0,5 liter
  • Deposit cups

Admission rules | Bags and backpacks

To secure a swift admission process we highly recommend all Amphi visitors to bring no bags or backpacks with them to the festivalground. If possible, please leave those items at home, your hotel room or your car at the parking space. (This also goes for “Call the Ship to Port”.)

However, we are not going to introduce a total ban of bags and backpacks at the festivalground!

In case you can´t forgo your bag or backpack (like for photo equipment), expect more indepth checks and perhaps longer waits at the entrance.

In order to still keep admission as quick as possible, we invented the so-called “Luggage Lane” at the Tanzbrunnen’s main entrance for visitors with bags. Please follow the local signage or the instructions of the security, who, on occasion, may ask you to take the “Luggage Lane” instead of the normal entrance.

As a simple rule for Amphi Festival goes:

  • if possible, leave bags of all kind at home
  • no bag / beltbag / small handbag = normal entrance
  • backpack / photo bag / large handbag / shopping bag etc. = “Luggage Lane”

Medical assistance

In the case of an emergency there are paramedics at hand. Please inform yourselves of their whereabouts by reading the area map or the festival programme!