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28. June 2024

Amphi App

Dear Amphi family,

Last year we introduced you to the Festivalcamp app, which is also home to the Amphi Festival. This has now been renamed ‘Infield’.

Here you will find all the important information about the Amphi Festival, from the program to the latest news, band information with links to Spotify and soon also site plans and much more!

You can also create your very own festival schedule! Select your favorite bands, make the little heart red and you will see your personal schedule when you click on the little heart in the menu item ‘Timetable’ at the top right. This way you won’t miss a single magical moment of the Amphi Festival.

The Infield app is free and very easy to use! Simply download the app and search for “Amphi Festival”.

You can download the app for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store here: https://app.infield.live/

Or search for ‘Infield’ in the respective store.

Share this news with your friends! We look forward to seeing you at the Amphi Festival!

Best regards
Your Amphi Team