2011, 2012

The name, “mind.in.a.box” stands for the restriction of spirit. Locked between the dots, it describes the oppressive control of the ego through the smallest everyday obligations to the crippling, genuine feelings of loneliness. This name is a symbol for the invisible gap between the objectives of freedom and the sober, restrictive reality. mind.in.a.box’s music serves as a valve in a claustrophobic world that crams the awareness in an ever-smaller box. In the ongoing narrative within the band’s lyrics, the “Dreamweb” acts as a synonym for sedation and immobilization of society and the individual. From this background the group weaves their songs, between frightening fiction and a dark, oppressive reality.

Mind.in.a.box mind.in.a.box sound of Technopop is a cross between Futurepop, Progressive Trance and cyberpunk. The live sound is much more edgy and easier to listen as on the CDs, and the ingenious integration of analog instruments boasts an innovative creativity away from the genre average. The live set shows with the songs, visuals and snippets parts of the science fiction story, which covers the albums in the style of fiction noir.

Of mind.in.a.box’s four-album discography, the debut, Lost Alone (2004) was an immediate success, remaining number one on the German Alternative Charts for five weeks. The most recent album, R.E.T.R.O., was released on Dependent Records (Europe) and Metropolis Records (Outside of Europe) in February of this year.

mind.in.a.box is an Austrian electronic music project. At the center of this project is band mastermind Stev Poiss. On stage, he is supported by bassist Roman Stift, drummer Gehard Höffler and guitarist Adam W. Swiczinsky.