Patenbrigade Wolff

PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF are a Berlin-based electronic band whose music employs constructionworker motifs and is stylistically diverse, incorporating aspects electro, ambient and all kinds of synthesizers. P:W was originally founded in 1998 by S. Wolff and Lance M. Murdock.

Citing influences including Kraftwerk, Future Sound of London, Front 242, Depeche Mode and Tangerine Dream. Fortunately, PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF are not andnever have been trendhoppers – neither concerning futurepop, no cyberindustrial, no glowsticks, no makeup, no fake blood, no coloured contact lenses – no, no, no!! With more than 20 releases and with their very unique sound they prefer to set trends instead of following them – since 1998 – and their exciting live shows will be remembered forever…