The Wars

Soundscape meet Songwriting. Spherical guitars, minimalistic electronics, Apache Beat beneath a distorted bass guitar and overlaid with pregnant baritone metaphors. The Wars inject new life into the New Wave of the early 80’s and the German Progressive Rock of the 70’s in a contemporary style.

Formed in 2008, the Berlin trio of Chris Kowski (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard), Gernot Pohle (Bass) und Felix Roll (Drums), released their first EP “Rift” in 2009. The album received very positive reviews in respected Indie-Blogs and Net-Radios and was followed by a very turbulent 2010 for the band. In April their song “Sequence” was released on Thomas Thyssens compilation “Darkness Before Dawn 2”. In November, their track “Succubus” was released on the successful Sampler series “Advanced Electronics 8” and was chosen by Sonic Seducer as one of the highlights of the eighth edition. At the end of the same year, Kool Rock Radio voted the Trio their “Band of the Year”. In July at the Summer Darkness 2011 festival The Wars wowed the crowd as the support band for Killing Joke and at the end of 2011 the magazine Zillo ran a series of articles on the band. This brought them to the attention of the record label SPV. In February 2012 The Wars will release their debut album “Healings” through Oblivion/SPV.

The Occupy movement, Fukushima, the Euro crisis, Bin Laden and political scandals . All of these things happened during the creation of the album and find inclusion in the texts and music. The world has become crazier than ever before. For the band, this makes the message of the title track “Healings” even more meaningful than ever before.

Black collides with white, good turns to bad, a ray of light in the darkness, love turns to hate, tension and opposites, wars. These are the THE WARS’ themes. Even the band’s sound is difficult to define – somewhere between modern and traditional, Retrofuture.

THE WARS are a red blur of colour on a black and white photo.