Skinny Puppy

6. May 2024

There’s not much difference between a playground bully, a corporate CEO and the self-absorbed figureheads of many of the world’s current administrations. They’ll all tell you that by surrendering your lunch money or tax dollars, they’re working toward “your best […]

Miss Construction

6. May 2024

The Tumor has been eradicated! He had long used up all his resources for unleashing electronic devastation on mankind and was therefore removed from the face of the Earth in one final, deafening operation. Miss Construction But just as mankind […]

Leaves ´Eyes

6. May 2024

With their latest masterpiece “Njord”, Leaves’ Eyes embarks on yet another enthralling journey through the myths and sagas of the North. The strong and sonorous compositions familiar to the band’s fanbase have been further developed. Leaves ´Eyes The adventure begins […]

Frontline Assembly

6. May 2024

Front Line Assembly is the primary focus of Vancouver-based musician Bill Leeb. A founding member of Skinny Puppy, Leeb moved on to form FLA in 1986 with Michael Balch, releasing some cassettes (since released as Total Terror I & II) […]

Frank the Baptist

6. May 2024

Nach dem Umzug von der kalifornischen Westküste in die deutsche Hauptstadt, sind FRANK THE BAPTIST und seine neu rekrutierten Mannen – darunter auch der illustre Musikus BENN RA (Hatesex, Plush Insane, ex-Diva Destruction, ex-Scarlet’s Remains) – zurzeit dabei den dritten […]


6. May 2024

Extize ist eine „cyber-trance-industrial“ Band und existiert seit 2007, alles fing als solo Projekt von „Cyb3rella“ an, und ist mittlerweile zu einer vierköpfigen Band expandiert. Ein Jahr nach dem entstehen sind „Cyb3rSlut“ (drums), „Cyb3rc0re“ (sampling und sound design) und „Ionic […]

End of green

6. May 2024

welcome to catastrophe. notorious south german grinches end of green return with their sixth meanie: „the sick‘s sense“. it‘s a monster. a mountain of black. or the tunnel at the end of the light – depends on which way you […]

DIN [A] Tod

6. May 2024

DIN [A] Tod do not intend to make it easy for potential listeners … their cryptic band name and symbolism are complicating an easy categorization of the Berlin-based trio. DIN [A] Tod want to confuse, stir up and induce emotions. […]


6. May 2024

Destroid have understood the signs of time and offer a thrilling mix of classical EBM and gritty synth-elements. Their musical range reaches from furious floor burners to emotional ballads. Destroid was founded in summer 2003. To the physical structure belong: […]


6. May 2024

Blitzkid is one of the premiere horror rock bands of the new millennium. They began in Bluefield, WV in the winter of 1997. They have toured consistently all over the US and overseas. Blitzkid The band is headed up by […]

Ashbury Heights

6. May 2024

In case you belong to the type of people that believe that electronic music and sex appeal are two things that will never go together … we promise you that Swedish boy-meets-girl duo Ashbury Heights will easily convince you of […]

Anne Clark

3. May 2024

Anne Clark is the female counterpart to artists such as Nick Cave, John Cale of Velvet Underground, or Tom Waits. She has had great success for over 2 decades as one of the international music industry´s most innovative electronic ebm […]