Anne Clark

2010, 2013

Anne Clark is the female counterpart to artists such as Nick Cave, John Cale of Velvet Underground, or Tom Waits. She has had great success for over 2 decades as one of the international music industry´s most innovative electronic ebm artists. She combines romanticism with atmosphere, but never loses touch of the most basic of human emotions. What is Anne Clark´s secret?

Anne Clark Anne Clark became known in the 80´s by cool electronic sounds, which she combined with texts which were intimate, yet universal. The British artist also experimented with acoustic instruments like cello, violin and piano. The range of these extremes can be heard on such groundbreaking tracks as “Sleeper In Metropolis” and “Our Darkness” from the albums CHANGING PLACES (1983) and JOINED UP WRITING (1984), respectively, through to experimentation with the poetry of Friedrich Rueckert and Rainer Maria Rilke on THE LAW IS AN ANAGRAM OF WEALTH (1993) and JUST AFTER SUNSET (1997).