Lord of the Lost

2012, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2023

Lord of the Lost

LORD OF THE LOST – A name that, after 14 years of band history, it is impossible to imagine the dark and heavy genres without. Without standstill, the band shows itself again and again in new facets, with the clear credo that borders are only there to be crossed.

LORD OF THE LOST combine elements of metal, industrial, glam, rock and pop and reinvent themselves visually as well as musically again and again, and that with steadily increasing national and international success.
Thus, the albums “EMPYREAN” (2016) and “THORNSTAR” (2018) still occupy #9 and #6 in the Official German Album Charts, while “JUDAS” (2021) already lands at #2 and “BLOOD AND GLITTER” (2022) sets the band’s most successful chart milestone to date with #1.

Mastermind Chris Harms started his idea as a solo project, but it quickly developed into a real band, pushing the musical boundaries further with each release. Their sound is like a journey through all dark genres full of emotions, melodies and aggression, no matter if Industrial Rock or Gothic Metal. It’s not just music, but an experience with a high addiction factor! This has also convinced the German fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, who have chosen LOTL to participate in the 2023 edition.

Whoever experiences LORD OF THE LOST live will witness much more than just a concert. With unbridled live energy and many emotional moments, LORD OF THE LOST create a unique emotional bond between band and fans that often resembles more of a family-like community. This is possibly due to the immense closeness that LORD OF THE LOST have to their fans, even on social media, from West to East, from China to Mexico and everything in between. You can be sure that going to a concert will always be an unforgettable experience.

Speaking of live shows – LOTL’s growing success has not gone undetected. So this year, as in 2022, LORD OF THE LOST will tour all over Europe with none other than heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN. Next year, the anniversary tour for the band’s 15th anniversary through numerous German cities is coming up.

There are already many visions and plans for the future of the band, which LORD OF THE LOST still keep under lock and key… Only one thing is certain: The only constant remains the courage to change!