Amphi Festival Premiere

Die Selektion

Die Selektion David Spaeth

“The new innocence”, DIE SELEKTION’s self-description, is the first of many exciting contradictions that the young band throws up. Fast beats, cutting bass lines, dark and undercooled synth layers, and then – the most unusual instrument for this genre: the trumpet. The sheer genius with which this works leaves only one question: why hasn’t anyone done this before?

It’s not often that a new, young act is as well received as these guys from southern Germany. Even their first demos attracted a lot of attention and euphoria. Ever since “Du Rennst”, their first dancefloor hit in the clubs, DIE SELEKTION have been a breath of fresh air in the world of dark, electronic music. Perhaps their youth is the secret of their self-confidence and fearless approach, they have overcome their role models with ease and present the best possible emancipation from giant groups like DAF, NITZER EBB or DIE KRUPPS.